Current timetable

Have you always wanted to try pilates but never got round to it? Now is the perfect time to give it a go. You can learn how to build your core strength, improve flexibility and improve your overall mental and physical health.

Our classes are based in various locations in Whickham. They are small class sizes ensuring the sessions are personalised, enables supervision of each exercise and appropriate feedback to all clients. It also allows for clients to work at an appropriate level of difficulty for their ability.

  • Tuesday 09:40-10:30am, 10:40-11:30am: mixed ability – Whickham Fellside Methodist Church
  • Tuesday 6:30pm: mixed ability – Whickham Secondary School
  • Thursday 6:30-7:20pm, 7.40-8:30pm: mixed ability – Whickham Community Centre


The initial cost includes the 1:1 assessment and the length of the course is dependent on seasonal holidays:

  • 8 week course £65
  • 6 week course £50

This cost includes the 1:1 pilates assessment and also includes continued access to the online personalised exercise regime, which is updated periodically for each individual, so that home exercise can mirror class work progression.

Furthermore, all current class members of Embrace Physiotherapy Pilates receive a 10% discount from any physiotherapy session booked with the Embrace Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic (based in Whickham) should they require any input during the block of sessions. We have reopened for face-to-face appointments for appropriate cases.

Why choose Physio Led Pilates?

If you are looking for a pilates class to help you recover from an injury/ operation or generally just want to do some exercise which is supervised and controlled ensuring you achieve the best result, enhance functional levels, and minimise the likelihood of injury then these classes are for you!

Our class participant numbers are deliberately limited, and classes designed to allow 1:1 interaction and supervision; and Naomi’s 12+ years of experience gives a reassurance that you are being taught by a professional with years of physiotherapy and medical knowledge.

In our classes we often use modifications (graded levels of exercise) to ensure you are using the right muscles and working at the level that is right for you, with design upon progression as and when you are able. This allows for continued support/ guidance as you develop.

Before attending classes

An in depth 1:1 Specialist APPI Trained Physiotherapy/ Pilates assessment session is conducted prior to the classes and from this we provide a bespoke personalised electronic exercise programme; incorporating the principles of APPI Physiotherapy-led Pilates into strengthening and stretching for home use.

The 1:1 assessment is imperative for me to prepare you for the classes and teach the basic APPI Pilates Principles; which are the foundations upon which the classes are built. This enables enhanced understanding of the interaction between physical and psychological elements and improves functional benefits which you will see in everyday activity as well as sport/work. The session enables us to establish your personal baseline movements and strength so that we can tailor each session to your individual levels and enable us together to achieve the best outcome for you.

“I have been doing the online classes during lockdown (as well as the face-to-face classes pre-lockdown). This has kept me going. Exercises are delivered in a very professional manner. They are given in two forms eg if you can only do the exercise in the first stage or if you want to progress they are a little harder. At no point in the class are you encouraged to progress if it is hurting you. Naomi is mindful of what is best for you. You are encouraged to follow the correct breathing techniques and everything is delivered to exercise your complete body. Full warm up and cool down is given. Naomi is very mindful of any injuries you may have or limitations. At the end of class she asks how you are feeling and if you have any particular areas of your body you want to concentrate on she does her utmost to cover these in the class. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to join these classes.”


Naomi’s background with Pilates

Personally, I am constantly amazed at the results from doing pilates, incorporating it into my weekly exercise routine; as well as both antenatally and postnatally, helping me recover from having twins, and continually having a positive impact on my working day as well as my running which I love to do! It is also very rewarding to see the encouraging results for all my patients and clients. I enjoyed all aspects of the training and love teaching the classes. I thrive on continuing my learning with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI). The APPI is firmly established as the leading force in the delivery of safe and effective Pilates teaching training for Physiotherapists. Established in 1999, the APPI is the only European based Pilates institute founded and directed by fully qualified Physiotherapists.

The eight main Pilates principles were extracted by Joseph Pilates’ original work. These principles are incorporated into our classes:

  • Concentration
  • Control
  • Centering
  • Precision
  • Breathing
  • Flow
  • Integrated isolation
  • Routine